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I am an Australian book lover well into adulthood, but in my head I'm still 17. I have been an avid reader since the age of 6 and a half. My mother always said she knew the exact week I learned to read, as from that point onward I was never without a book in my hand. Sometimes I even resorted to the Encyclopaedia Britannica if there was nothing better to read.

When I started the blog, Goodreads wasn't a thing (that I knew about) and so my main aim was to record what I was reading so that I didn't read it again (The Jane Austen Bookclub is what did it. I read it through twice and it wasn't until the end I realised I'd already read it). When I started the blog, I purchased or borrowed all of the books I reviewed. Over the past six years I've been extremely fortunate and now receive a number of review copies from publishers and authors. Where this is the case it's noted on the review. I like this as it means I can spend more money on cake and shoes. Sometimes I'm also given copies to giveaway, and sometimes I fund my own giveaways.

I also review for Reading Lark where I'm the sole Australian contributor. I am also a moderator for #AusYABloggers and will be contributing to ausyabloggers.blogspot.com and the associated social media channels.

I read most genres, but I particularly like fantasy, mystery and young adult.

As well as reading I take photographs, bake cakes and attempt to educate teenagers about the finer points of psychology. If there is any time at all left after all this then I spend it with my family. 

You can find me on twitter @nicolehasread and Instagram @Nicole_Has_Read

Review policy:

Where possible I aim to publish reviews as close to publication date as I can, but life is busy and it doesn't always work out that way. Books that I have requested from publishers get first preference in terms of reading order.

Whilst I do accept review requests, I can't guarantee that reviews will be posted due to other commitments. During 2017 I am acting as an Aurealis Awards judge and this will take up much of my reading time. Unsolicited review copies are unlikely to be read in a timely manner.

If you would like me to consider your book for review, please send the request to nicolehasread@gmail.com. Please include a preferred time frame for the review.

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