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You Don't Know Me by Mandy Lee - Blog Tour and Giveaway


you don't know me cover
Title: You Don't Know Me (You Don't Know Me, #1)

Author: Mandy Lee
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 19, 2015
Source: Review copy courtesy of the author


Maya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds herself firmly in the sights of the owner, Daniel Foster - a dangerously attractive man with a dark past and particular tastes in bed.

Although she tries to resist him, Maya soon finds herself embroiled in a steamy relationship with Dan. And while he slowly encourages her to paint again, she begins to peel back his layers. At last, when she believes that she's finally come to understand his ways, he has one final secret to reveal … and it's a secret that threatens to blow them apart. You Don’t Know Me, an erotic romance, is the first book in a trilogy. Book Two will be published in February 2016.


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When Maya takes an admin job in a big construction firm, her best friend Lucy jokes that she's going to bag herself a millionaire. Maya scoffs at the idea, but no sooner has she turned on her computer than she seems to have attracted the attention of her very handsome, and very rich, boss, Dan Foster. Things get very steamy, very quickly and soon Dan is introducing  Maya to BDSM. Maya doesn't like relinquishing control, but Dan demands total submission and soon she finds herself enjoying it. While things seem to be going well, Dan has a tendency to blow hot and cold. Is he the love of Maya's life, or another terrible mistake?

You Don't Know Me is a really well written romance with a feisty female lead who I really liked. Many of the erotic romances I've read can be summed up as a series of sex scenes with minimal story in between. This is not the case here, where the story line is actually very good and would hold up even without the erotic elements. Maya, Lucy and Dan are well developed characters and there are various subplots which keep the action going outside of the bedroom.

What I didn't like quite as much was the way that Dan 's domination of Maya was portrayed. There were several cases where Maya wasn't sure she wanted to do something, Dan talked her into it with promises of stopping when she used her safe word, but the general feeling that I took away from it was "I know better than you what you'll like so just do it and you'll see." That's a particular bugbear of mine, and to me it read like Maya was being coerced. The fact that she ultimately enjoyed them is, for me, beside the point. That's a personal issue, and not all readers will feel that way.

The ending managed to surprise me, which is not something that happens often. I saw some of it coming, but was still surprised at how it played out. I'm really interested to see where things go in the next instalments.

If I gave half ratings, then this would be a 3.5. If erotic fiction is your thing, you could do a lot worse.

About The Author

Mandy was born and raised in Leicester, in the United Kingdom. She went to university in Scotland, lived in London for a few years, and then returned to her home town where she now lives with her extended family and a mad labrador. Mandy worked full-time as a teacher until Christmas 2015 when she took a leap of faith and gave up the job. She now devotes most of her time to writing. She's been writing since she was thirteen, but it wasn't until she developed an obsession with reading erotic romance that she finally found her genre. You Don't Know Me is her first erotic romance. The sequel, True Colours, will be published on 22 March 2016. The final instalment in the trilogy will be finished by Christmas 2016.
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  1. Well erotica is definitely not my thing. xD But I'm glad this was a mostly good read for you, Nicole! Although honestly Dan's dominance thingy there sounds a bit scary. :O Eep. BUT ANYWAY. XD Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  2. Erotica isn't my thing either, mostly because from the few reviews I've seen on my blogging travels, they seem to be sex romps with a touch of storyline that's weak at best. But apart from having yet another male dominating a female partner, it sounds like it's one of the better erotica's that are out there just based on having an actual storyline. I just can't imagine myself reading one, I generally struggle with new adult due to all the sex scenes. I'll try one one day :D


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