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Short Story by J - aged 8 - Shiny the Dragon

Shiny the dragon

 Shiny was a  dragon. Shiny had shiny scale's. She was the “nice” dragon out of the family. They thought it was a stupid idea to be nice. One day all of the family went to the village except for Shiny. Shiny waited for them to come home, but they never returned.

Shiny wondered what had happened to her family. She tried to go to the village a couple of times, but she was too scared. When she believed in herself, she went to the village, but couldn’t see her parents at all. Then she saw them being roasted in a fire! Shiny flew back to her mountain cave as quick as she could. She felt very lonely and sad.

A couple of weeks later, a girl climbed to the top of the mountain and found the lonely dragon, Shiny. The girl patted Shiny and said, “It’s all right, I want to be your friend.”

Shiny nodded her head and said, “I’m lonely, I need a friend, so yes, you can be my friend.”

The girl told Shiny her name was Crystal. “My name is Shiny,” the dragon said.

Each day, Crystal would climb to the top of the mountain and talk to Shiny. At the end of the day she’d go back to the village. No one knew there were still dragons in the area, apart from Crystal.

One day, Crystal didn’t come to the mountain. Shiny was sad. She was alone again.

Crystal had been captured on her way to visit Shiny. The man said, “Tell me all of your secrets. Otherwise I will crush the mountain with my magic.”

Crystal was scared. She didn’t want to tell him about Shiny, but she had to save the village. “There’s still a dragon on the mountain,” she said.

The man let Crystal go. She ran up the mountain and told Shiny what had happened. “Run away, Shiny,” she said. But she wasn’t quick enough. The man had followed Crystal up the mountain and tried to kill Shiny, but the dragon was too strong for him. She stomped on him with her large, clawed feet. Crystal was so relieved that Shiny was saved, but when she got home that night, she found the villagers all in the street.

“There’s a dragon on the mountain,” they were saying. “We must kill it before it kills us.”

Crystal tried to get them to listen, “Shiny is nice, she won’t hurt us.” The villagers listened, but didn’t agree.

Shiny appeared out of nowhere and landed on the edge of the village. The villagers screamed but were too scared to run away. They saw Crystal patting the dragon, and Shiny nuzzling Crystal.

“Why isn’t it attacking?” the people asked.

Crystal said, “Because she’s nice. If you believe me, please come and pat her. Her name is Shiny.”

Half of the people came and patted Shiny. Crystal’s parents were shocked and said, “That’s where she’s been every day.”

And then a couple more people came to pat her, and then more, until all of the villagers had come to pat her. Finally, all of them got along and Shiny lived happily ever after with her new family, the villagers.

The End

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Note from the author: This isn't Shiny, Shiny is nicer than this.
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  1. Hi J!

    My name's Elizabeth, and I'm a writer too! I know your mom because she read my book and was nice enough to tell other people about it.

    I like your story very much. Shiny really needed a friend, and Crystal was brave standing up to the villagers and teaching them that Shiny is a nice dragon. I like when the man said, “Tell me all of your secrets. Otherwise I will crush the mountain with my magic.” That is some seriously great writing. You're very creative and I hope you keep telling stories!

  2. Hello J!

    There's a good level of tension in this - we feel sorry for Shiny because she's lonely and her family are gone - then we're pleased that she has a friend in Crystal - then we're anxious because Crystal's in trouble - and then we're worried the villagers might do to Shiny what they did to her parents. Thank goodness Crystal's so brave - she saves the day and shows the villagers that not all dragons are bad. I like the escalation of tension and the sense of relief when the villagers follow Crystal's example. I look forward to reading more of your work!


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