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Short story by J - aged 8 - Just Boring

Chandelier was boring. Nothing exciting had every happened to her in her life. Even things that were exciting to other people, weren’t exciting to her. Once, at school, they had a movie day when they could do whatever they liked. Everyone was excited, but Chandelier just thought it was boring. Another day, they had a test and if you got higher than B- you got fish and chips at school. Chandelier got bored half way through the test and got a D+. But she thought fish and chips were boring, anyway.

When she came home from school she would say hi to her parents, go out with her friends, come back at 7:30 and watch TV until bed time. The next day she went to school as normal, but when she got home, her parents told her to go into the backyard. She’d never been in the backyard before, it was too boring. When she went out, she couldn’t see anything but bushes. She pushed them out of the way. She didn’t know that one of the leaves activated the tiles to move. When they did, they uncovered an underground cave. Chandelier didn’t notice it and kept walking forward. She fell into the cave, deep, deep down. She saw a flashing light far in front of her. The rest of the cave was pitch black. All she could hear was someone saying, “Touch the light, touch the light.”

Chandelier felt weird. She didn’t know what this feeling was. It wasn’t boredom. Could it be excitement?

Chandelier walked forward until she found the source of the light, but she still couldn’t touch it. There was a magnetic beam pushing her back so that she couldn’t reach it. The light was so bright, that she still couldn’t see what was making it. She ran, forcing her way through the beam, and grabbed whatever was making the light. She ran back to the start of the cave, the light in her hand showing her the way. When she reached the end, she saw that it wasn’t too deep, so she climbed out and found herself back in her garden.

She quickly ran into her bedroom, avoiding her parents who were in the living room. The light had stopped shining once she was out of the cave. She sat on her bed and opened her hand. She gasped. It was a diamond! Her parents had bought her a book about diamonds when she was out the day before. She had thought it was a bit weird, but mostly boring, so didn’t bother looking at it when they gave it to her. She opened the book and flicked through, looking for the type of diamond in her hand. It was a feeling diamond. Feeling diamonds could change how you felt, so that you would never be bored. Chandelier wondered why her parents would buy a diamond book. Did they know about the cave all along?

She walked into the living room and asked her parents, “Do you know about the cave in the backyard?”

Her parents nodded and said, “That’s why we sent you into the backyard and bought you the book.”

Chandelier kept the diamond secret, but carried it with her always. She was never bored again.

The End

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  1. Hi J,

    This is a beautiful little story. I love how you named your main character Chandelier, and how light played such a big role in her journey. I also secretly love the idea of discovering an underground cave and finding treasure there. You're a natural storyteller--keep writing!

  2. Hello J!

    I loved the repetition in the first paragraph, you gave me a really strong picture of exactly how 'boring' Chandelier finds everything. The final sentence about the fish and chips is great, it made me smile. And I liked that she'd never even been in the backyard - I can just imagine her sighing and rolling her eyes. This set up is really effective when her adventure kicks in. And who hasn't hoped to find a mysterious cave in their garden? I like how matter-of-fact her parents are, too. Good stuff.


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