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Blog Tour - Who's Afraid? by Maria Lewis - Guest post and giveaway

Title: Who's Afraid?
Author: Maria Lewis
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Date of Publication: 12th January 2016
Source: Review copy courtesy of the publisher

I am very happy to be able to kick off the blog tour for Who's Afraid by Maria Lewis which is published today by Hachette Australia.

You'll find a guest post, a brief review and a giveaway for a signed copy of the book. 

Note: There's strong language ahead!


Meet Tommi Grayson: she's all bark . . . and all bite

'It was like my wolf had been there all along, waiting for me to tap its hand and step into the ring . . .'

 Tommi Grayson's never exactly been a normal girl. Bright blue hair, a mysterious past and barely controlled rage issues have a way of making a woman stand out. Yet she's never come close to guessing who she really is . . .

 When her mother dies, a shattered Tommi decides to track down her estranged father. Leaving Scotland for a remote corner of New Zealand, she discovers the truth of her heritage - and it's a whole lot more than merely human.

 Barely escaping with her life, now Tommi must return to her her friends, pretending everything is normal, while all too aware of the dangers lurking outside — and within. Worse still, something has followed her home . . .

With the clock ticking, can Tommi learn to control her new powers in time to save the ones she loves?


Tommi's mother has died, and having struggled through her grief, she's travelling from Scotland to New Zealand to find her father. Not that she wants a relationship with him, she just wants to see him for herself, but the trip takes a sinister turn when she learns that her father's family are New Zealand's strongest werewolf clan, and as his daughter, she too is a werewolf.

Her New Zealand family aren't thrilled to see her, but are even less willing to let her go. Making it back to Scotland with some pretty hefty injuries and a mysterious guardian in tow, Tommi must come to terms with her new reality, and the very real danger she faces.

Who's Afraid? is definitely not for younger readers, it would most accurately be classed as New Adult. It contains graphic violence, including sexual violence, and strong language. 

This book is incredibly intense, and Lewis doesn't pull any punches, much like Tommi. The intensity builds until a climax that blows you away.

Tommi is strong and smart and loyal, plus she has blue hair. As someone with pink (and sometimes purple) hair, I totally respect that.

I loved the use of local Dundee and New Zealand dialect, I could really hear the character's voices. There is a real sense of place in both the New Zealand and Scottish scenes.

There is some steamy romance, which I expect will develop as the series continues.

If you like your paranormal fantasy on the grittier side, then absolutely give his a go.

Guest Post from Maria Lewis

Music has been an essential part of the Who’s Afraid? genre, not just in capturing the mood and moments within the story, but for me personally when it came to writing the book. Having worked as a journalist for a decade, I’m used to functioning best in a noisy newsroom environment so I need  some kind of sound to help me get the words out. And nothing scratches that itch like music. For the full Who’s Afraid? Spotify playlist you can check out the link below and see some of the 200 songs that have been my balm while putting the novel together – a few which are even referenced directly in the text. I add to it constantly, switching songs between playlists for the other books as well, so you can get an audible tease about what’s coming up. Here are a few key tracks crucial to Who’s Afraid?

Click here for the Spotify list.

Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio

Firstly it’s a song about being a werewolf and secondly it’s a song that vividly and violently explains that transformation in beautiful prose. “My mind has changed my body's frame but God I like it, my hearts aflame, my body's strained, but God I like it.”

Fucken Awesome - Spiderbait 

I firmly believe I could score an entire Who’s Afraid? film using exclusively Spiderbait tracks, but this one in particular was always playing in the back of my mind writing action sequences. 

Deadline – Young Fathers

Tommi Grayson loves hip hop, but this song – and band – in particular really place her tastes in a particular time and place given Young Fathers have emerged from Scotland’s indie music scene with ferocious boldness. 

Fuck and Run - Liz Phair

A feminist classic for a reason.

Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys 

There are a lot of wolf themed songs in this playlist, for obvious reasons, yet this bad boy gets bonus points for being quoted in the dedication. 

Shells Of Silver – The Japanese Popstars

A beautifully sad song that haunts your eardrums, it fits the mood and tone of Who’s Afraid? like a glove. 

WTF (Where They’re From) – Missy Elliott ft Pharrell Williams 

Tommi and the gang like to party, hard, and there’s no better song to do that to than WTF. Missy Elliot’s tongue is fast, fierce and funny while the production is ruthless. 

Flashback (Jazzanova’s Mashed Bag) – Fat Freddy’s Drop 

New Zealand’s answer to The Roots since they formed in the Nineties, Fat Freddy’s Drop are criminally underappreciated but no less magical.

Love Again – Rae Morris

“These days I’m afraid of me. There’s fire where my heart should be.”

Needles and Pins – Ramones

My favourite band, this is a lil’ softer than what they’re known for. This cover adds something romantic to the original. 


This giveaway is hosted and administered by Hachette Australia. I am not responsible for choosing the winners or distributing the prizes. 

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