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Review Roundup: The Masked Truth, What We Left Behind, The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl, Here We Lie, Cloudwish, Queen of Shadows

I also post reviews on Reading Lark, where I am the resident Australian reviewer. Sometimes I share them here, sometimes I don't, but since I've been light on reviews on here lately, here are some of my recent posts over there.

The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong.

Suspension of disbelief is rewarded in this YA crime thriller. Potentially unreliable narrators and an exploration of the stigma attached to mental illness add to this thrill ride of a book.

You can read the full review here.

What We Left Behind by Robin Talley.

Moving onto college and maintaining a long distance relationship is hard enough, but when you don't fit into society's gender norms and you're not quite sure what that means for yourself or your partner, even the strongest relationship can fail.

See the full review here.

The Adventures of Cinnamon Girl by Melissa Keil.

For some people the end of school can feel like the end of the world. And for some, it just might be the actual end of the world. A beautiful portrait of a small country town and the people who live there.

Find my review here.

Here We Lie by Sophie MacKenzie.

A compelling mystery that asks how well we really know the people we love.

See the full review here.

Cloudwish by Fiona Wood.

When a girl who never gets what she wants finally does, how can it be anything other than magic? A wonderful, romantic coming of age story with just a dash of magic. And it's set in Melbourne.

My glowing review is here.

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas.

Celaena Sardothien has survived being a slave in the mines of Endovier, training with the assassins of the Red Desert, the loss of her family, her lover and her best friend. She has faced a legendary Fae queen and won the loyalty of the most powerful Fae warrior alive. Now she is returning to Ardalan to reclaim her birthright, bring down the evil king, save her friends and free her kingdom.

This is one of my favourite reads of the year. See my review here.
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  1. I plan on reading Queen of Shadows in November. EEK! Not sure I want it to be over least for awhile until the next book comes out lol!!

    Hey hey!! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve switched the name of my blog from Things Lucy Reads to The Reading Emporium!! I would love if you could re-follow on bloglovin. Here is the link:
    Thank you so much <3

    1. That's the pain of reading series. You want to read them as they come, but don't want to wait for the next one.

  2. Just reading your reviews over on Reading Lark now Nic, and I'm reading What We Left Behind at the moment and enjoying it so far, although nothing is really happening just yet and seems a little on the bland side. I absolutely adored The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl, such a lovely read that I think I ended up reading in one sitting. Cloudwish is coming up on my reading list soon too, but Queen Of Shadows! I had the same issue with Heir of Fire and couldn't really get into it either, but this one was absolutely epic. Couldn't agree more about it dividing fans, some are so passionate about these 'ships' and went bananas :D I couldn't be happier though. Awesome reviews Nic <3 really enjoyed them.

    1. WWLB is definitely character driven rather than plot driven.

      I can't believe you read all the reviews, you need a hobby ;)

      Thanks for stopping by x


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