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Myra and the Magic Motorcycle: The Business in Bermuda by Amanda Greenslade

Title: Myra and the Magic Motorcycle: The Business in Bermuda
Author: Amanda Greensdale
Publisher: Australian eBook Publisher
Date of Publication: 20th August 2015
Source: Review copy courtesy of NetGalley

This book has been reviewed by by a special guest, 8 year old J.


WHEN an eight-year-old Australian girl, named Myra, finds a shining yellow motorcycle in the shed, she doesn’t expect it to actually work. It has strange buttons on the display and something like an eyebrow on the headlight. There is a key in the ignition!

Along with her pet bird, Diver, Myra finds herself on an exciting adventure across the other side of the Earth. The magic motorcycle takes her to new places and she is able to meet some people who really need her help.

Turn the key and rev the throttle. You’re about to go on the adventure of a lifetime with Myra and the Magic Motorcycle.


Myra is a girl who came back from school, went into the garage and found this blanket over a magical motorbike. She pressed a button and it flew her across the world to another country. She has to help a family that she finds there. She helps them because the dad is in hospital and the mother can't work and look after the children at the same time.

The book was interesting because it's about a place I've never heard of before.

The pictures were easy to understand because they had good detail and were bright and colourful.

I think it's a good book for other 8 year olds.

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  1. Well written J- What country did she go to? Do you think boys would like it too? Thanks for your review :)

    1. She went to Bermuda. Yes, boys would like it too because there are boy characters in it and there's a motorcycle. - J


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