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Miss Spelled by Sarah Belle

Title: Miss Spelled
Author: Sarah Belle
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Date of Publication: 1st September 2014
Source: Kindly provided by the publisher
By it from: Escape Publishing
Rating: 3.5 stars

Everything is going right for Lou. She loves her job as a teacher and loves the run-down cottage she's renovating with her dad, and she's just become engaged to the man of her dreams in the most romantic setting possible. But when she finds out that her fiancé Aidan's childhood nemesis and her gap year romance are one and the same person, she panics. Determined not to let her ex, Hunter, ruin her happiness, she consults an online witch who sells her a spell to erase her from Hunter's memories. When the spell goes awry, Lou finds herself not just erased from Hunter's memories, but from Aidan's as well. With the love of her life about to marry someone else, can Lou get herself back into his memory and heart?

Miss Spelled was a fun, light read that I got through in a day. Lou was a likeable, if unlucky character, and her quest to reclaim Aidan's affections saw her land in some hilarious situations. You'll have to read for yourself to see if she gets her happily ever after with Aidan, but there's no shortage of entertainment along the way.

I enjoyed the fact that the book was set in Melbourne, my home town, but was a little puzzled as to why Aidan hailed from the very real Toorak and went to the equally real Geelong Grammar, but Lou came from fictional Brownsville and lived in non-existant Briar Hills. Perhaps the author didn't want to offend anyone in the real Western suburbs, but as a north-west girl myself, I'd have preferred both characters to come from a real suburb.

A note about the cover: It really doesn't represent the story well at all. The female model looks nothing like the description of Lou, and the railway tracks bear no resemblance to the story at all. Based on the cover, I wouldn't have looked at this book at all, but I thought the blurb was interesting so gave it a shot. This is definitely a case of not judging a book by its cover. The author notes also suggest that the original title was Deja vu Lou, which I actually prefer to Miss Spelled. Either way, it's an enjoyable read for those who like their romance with a touch of the paranormal.

3.5 stars.

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