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A Groom With a View by Sophie Ranald

A Groom With a ViewA Groom With a View by Sophie Ranald
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A Groom With a View is the second novel by Sophie Ranald, a follow up to the very enjoyable It Would be Wrong to Steal My Sister's Boyfriend (Wouldn't it?).

Pippa and Nick get incredibly drunk at a friend's wedding and one of them, neither is really sure which, proposes to the other. And there the fun starts.

Nick takes on most of the wedding plans and wants to give Pippa her dream day, but Pippa's dreams don't quite match Nick's. Pippa finds herself a bit stuck - she doesn't want to hurt Nick's feelings by saying no to his ideas, but this wedding is turning out to be not at all what she imaged.

When Nick's overbearing mother, Erica, arrives for an extended stay and starts taking over the apartment, it's almost more than Pippa can bear. Fortunately, a work trip gives her the opportunity to escape for a bit, but will her going away send Nick into the arms of his ex-girlfriend? And if their ideas about the perfect wedding are so different, should they be getting married at all? Should someone who can't find a wedding dress even be a bride?

Ranald's writing is incredibly clever and witty and also incredibly insightful. On the surface there may be several characters who seem to be stereotypical of the genre, but as the story develops, Ranald digs deeper and we are presented with a well developed cast of characters who we want to laugh and cry with. There are many strands to the story, and although the overall tone is light and very funny, there are some serious issues facing all of the characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Groom With a View, and would read it again - not something I'd often say about this genre.

Go buy it now! This is chicklit with a brain and a wicked sense of humour.

Full disclosure: Sophie is an online acquaintance of mine, but this has in no way affected my review. I really do love the book.

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