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Review: My Not-So-Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris

My Not So Super Sweet Life (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, #3)My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Source: Review copy courtesy of Entangled Publishing

Cat is the 16 year old daughter of Hollywood Royalty. Her mother left when she was 5 and hasn't been seen since, apart from on the cinema screen. Her dad is about to marry Jenna, the best step-mother a girl could ask for. Things with her boyfriend, Lucas, are heating up. Cat is in a good place. That is, until her mother, Caterina decides to drop a bomb that threatens everyone's happiness.

I wasn't aware that this was the 3rd in a series when I started reading, which caused a bit of confusion. There are supernatural elements including a gypsy fortune teller, a time-travelling "cousin" and doppelgängers, that came as quite a shock in what I was expecting to be a straightforward teen romance.

Cat is a likeable lead and her relationship with Lucas is nicely written. The plot centres around Cat and her relationship with her mother. She's desperate for some answers about why she was abandoned, and why Caterina has chosen now to turn up and try to be a mother. Lucas is wary of Caterina's motives, and worried that she will hurt Cat again.

If I'd read the previous books in the series, I probably would have stretched to an extra star, but as a standalone, what I didn't know, really did affect my enjoyment of the book.

Recommended, but do read the other books first.

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