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Harry Potter Studio Tour

As my time in the UK is drawing to a close, I've been thinking about things I definitely wanted to do before leaving and one of them was to visit the Warner Brother's Studio and do the Harry Potter tour.

Yesterday was the day and it was completely amazing and totally worth the money for a fan of the films, or indeed the books.

There are props and sets and costumes and the whole experience is just magical. There's also a bit of a surprise at the end that I won't spoil for you. There are pictures after the jump.

It was an amazing day and highly worth a visit. I hope you enjoy the little peek below.

Update: It's been three years now since my visit, and I've put together a little animoto video of my photos. You can see some of them in higher res after the jump, but there are some here I haven't shared before.

You start in the great hall which is just as magical as in the films - even without the ceiling. There's a short talk from one of the guides talking about different aspects of the set and the production and introducing the various costumes. The level of detail is extraordinary and that's true of every aspect of the set and tour. After the great hall you move through two different sound stages, as well as an external area where you can try butter beer (which I gave a miss). There are all the main sets you would recognise  and thousands of props, many you'd have never noticed in the films but they all contributed to making the films so magical.

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