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At a loss!

My kindle broke on Saturday. It was my second one and I'd had it just over a year so unfortunately it was outside its warranty period. The screen has some type of internal crack, I think, as part of it is static and part of it updates.

Because it's out of warranty I couldn't get it repaired or replaced, but Amazon offered me a replacement at 20% off and as Sunday was our wedding anniversary my lovely husband (who can be found at www.boxofficevoodoo.com) offered to buy me a new one.

I've been a bit lost the last couple of days, especially when I've been unable to sleep. I've had to read on my iPhone which isn't a great experience. My eyes aren't as young as they used to be.

So goodbye to my trusty keyboard version, and hopefully soon it will be hello to my "Kindle 4" with no keyboard. I didn't think it'd like the touch version, I don't like reading on the iPad or iPhone and having to swipe to change pages, so I'll see how I get on with this one. Reduced memory and battery life may be an issue, we'll just have to see. I wasn't given the option of a keyboard option though.

Hopefully I'll be reading again soon, and I'll be posting my review of Insurgent once I have my new Kindle and can check a few things.
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  1. I love my kindle! I have the one without a keyboard, my dad has the keyboard version, and he's quite jealous of it!

    Enjoy! It must be torture waiting for it!


  2. It came today!! It's very dinky. I might do a post comparing them, actualy.


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