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Passion by Lauren Kate

Passion is the third book in the Fallen Angels series by Lauren Kate. This post contains spoilers for all three books.

The series tells the story of Daniel and Lucinda, star crossed lovers, eternally cursed, destined to find and lose each other through the millennia.

The first book deals with Luce's realisation that she is different, and her finding and falling in love with Daniel Grigori. The second book covers the battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell who both want Daniel to chose their side. At the end of the book, Luce steps into an Announcer (a shadowy gateway to a former life) and disappears. Nephilim Miles and Shelby find an announcer and follow her, as does Daniel.

Passion takes us through multiple incarnations of Lucinda, from Regency Britain to ancient Egypt, while she searches for the secret to unlock the curse. She's joined by the gargoyle Bill who guides her through these past lives and teaches her to navigate the announcers. Daniel also travels through Luce's past lives, forever just missing her and reliving her loss again and again.

Their journeys take them back to the beginning of time when Daniel makes his initial choice and the curse is born. Lucifer has a plan to go back and change things and he's planning on taking all of the fallen angels with him. Can they stop him in time? There we are left waiting for the next book.

I did really enjoy the first two books, but I felt this was a bit of a place holder. It was nice to see Luce's past lives and get an insight into their relationship, but there wasn't a great deal of advancement in the storyline. I will read the next book, because I want to know how it all ends, but the series has lost its shine a little for me.

You can buy the Kindle edition here (and pay less than I did on preorder, but that's a whole other post):

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