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30 Day Book Challenge - Days 24 to 30

Day 24: Book that contains your favourite scene

I don't tend to remember individual scenes from books, so this is another difficult one, but a book that really stood out recently was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. There is a seen quite near the beginning of the book where the Reaping is taking place. This is where the young people are gathered to find out which two of them will be sent to the Capital for the Hunger Games - a battle to the death to remind the Districts of the power of the Capital and a punishment for the last rebellion. I won't spoil the scene, you should read the book or at least watch the film when it's out next year. However, I will say that it's incredibly powerful and had me in tears. If you haven't read the book go get it, right now.

Day 25: Favourite book you read in school

This has to be To Kill a Mockingbird, which I read in year 10, but I already used this for Day 1 so the second favourite book I read in school is The Great Gatsby. WWI vet Nick Carraway moves to New York and meets the enigmatic Jay Gatsby who happens to be in love with Nick's cousin Daisy. Daisy is married to millionaire Tom Buchanan. The shining world Nick finds himself in soon reveals cracks, eventually ending in Gatsby's sad demise. It's one of those rare books that studying enhances rather than diminishes (see The Old Man and the Sea).

Day 26: Favourite non-fiction book

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Mitch Albom is an American sports reporter and Morrie Schwartz was one of his College professors. When Mitch finds out that Morrie is dying he goes to visit him. His visits turn into a weekly ritual. As Morrie shares his wisdom with Mitch, we see his inevitable decline and eventual death. This is an incredibly moving story. I have long been in favour of euthanasia, but Morrie's story shows that there can be incredible dignity in the most horrible of deaths.

Day 27: Favourite Fiction Book

See Day 1!

Day 28: Last Book You Read

Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. I've only recently discovered Robin Hobb but I'm a complete convert. Ship of Magic is the first in the Liveship Traders Trilogy which tells the story of the Bingtown Traders and their strange sentient ships. When I'm finished with exam marking I'll write a proper review of it.

Day 29: Book you're currently reading

Mad Ship by Robin Hobb. Book two of the Liveship Traders. I'm really enjoying it.

Day 30: Favourite coffee table book

Does anyone really have coffee table books nowadays? This book doesn't sit on my coffee table, but it is in the library of the local art gallery and I do enjoy looking at it. Portfolios by Ansel Adams. It's slightly depressing though, as I will never, ever be a fraction of the photographer that he was.

So that's it, the 30 days done. Some strange categories, I'd have changed some of them, but it's been a really interesting exercise. I hope if you've been reading you've found my choices interesting.
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  1. LOVE the Hunger Games (who doesn't?), and TKAM is good. And I'm a sucker for the part of the movie where she says "Hey, Boo." Makes me smile every time.


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