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How cool is the Kindle?

I love books. Real books, the paper kind that have a smell and a feel and a personality. I didn't want a Kindle. But then something happened. Friends started talking about their Kindles and how great they were. I started thinking maybe a Kindle wouldn't be a bad thing. After all, we're trying to de-clutter and I already had enough books to start a small library. Within a week I'd gone from not wanting a Kindle to needing one desperately. I then had a little shopping accident where one slipped into my basket and two weeks later my shiny new toy arrived.

What a revelation! It was fabulous having dozens of books at my fingertips and I excitedly set about downloading free books. I also spent a small fortune buying books. I think I spent around £50 in the first few weeks. 1-click buying is far too tempting.

So I've had the Kindle a while now and things have settled down and I don't get quite as excited about it. That changed this week, though. I pre-ordered a Kindle book for the first time. I ordered it on Monday and today it magically appeared! On release day! No waiting for crappy delivery companies to bring it at their leisure (and lie about delivering it on Friday when it doesn't materialise until Monday - yes, DHL at home I'm talking about you), or trolling book shops trying to find one that's heard of the book and has it in stock.

The book I was so excited about? City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. It's the fourth book in The Mortal Instruments Series and has been much anticipated. I'm four chapters in at the moment and really enjoying it. I will of course write about it when I'm done.

I still love real books, but I've bought over 20 Kindle books and only a handful of paper books in the last 6 months. I'm definitely a convert.
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  1. Comment from Beth (@snorkelkitty)

    I love the kindle iPhone app... Terribly addictive but justified by the fact that all of the iPhone/pods in the house share the app. We all love to read, and the amount of books 4 readers collect has halted ... Yet the amount we read increases. Only purchased 4 paper books in 2 weeks - 1-4 of the Scott pilgrim graphic novels. Aidan has just discovered Sebastian faulks, which is kinda cool for an 11 year old so a little more shopping I guess. Keep reading Nic, love to hear about it :) xxx


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