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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare

***Contains some spoilers***

I was most excited on Thursday to turn on my Kindle and find that City of Fallen Angels had been delivered. I had pre-ordered it earlier in the week. When Cassandra Clare's previous book, Clockwork Angel, was released I trolled book stores looking for it. WH Smith hadn't heard of it and Waterstones didn't have any in stock and I had to wait a week to get it from Amazon. This is why I love my Kindle (but I've already posted about that...).

For those not familiar with The Mortal Instruments, it's an urban fantasy series, largely set in New York City, about demon slayers known as Shadowhunters. 16 year old Clary discovers that there's more to the City than meets the eye. She discovers a world of demons, vampires, warlocks and werewolves. When her mother disappears and her long, lost father turns up with evil plans, Clary must work with the Shadowhunters to find the Mortal Instruments and her mother. Along the way she falls in love with Jace, the most talented of the Shadowhunters.

Cassandra Clare is an avid tweeter (@cassieclare) and for the past few months has been sharing teasers conducting character Q&As with fans. This had created a real sense of anticipation and I was not exempt from that.

So, I started reading on Thursday afternoon, read all of Friday evening, staying up far too late, and finished it early this morning while squished between the baby and the pre-schooler. First impression - wow! Second impression - wow! I really enjoyed immersing myself in this world again.

The book starts six weeks after the events of City of Glass. Clary and Jace are together and Clary has started Shadowhunter training. Simon is dating both Maia and Isabelle and hasn't quite figured out how to tell his mother he's a vampire. Alec and Magnus are doing the Grand Tour and Luke and Jocelyn are planning their wedding.

From there, as you would expect in a Cassandra Clare novel, things don't go smoothly. Jace is pulling away from Clary, Camille turns up to cause trouble and Simon finds himself homeless. Cassandra has come up with a bigger and nastier villain than Valentine in Lilith, but I won't say any more about her lest I spoil too much.

The book kept me absorbed throughout. The final battle in particular prevented me from going to bed - I just had to find out what happened.

I wasn't sure where she could go after Lilith, but the door has been left open for an excellent villain in City of Lost Souls and Jace and Clary still have a way to go before they get their much hoped for HEA. It's going to be a long wait until next January.
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  1. Is this a YA book Nic?

  2. It is yes, the main characters are 16 and 17. The first in the series, City of Bones, was in Amazon's Kindle sale for a pound or so, not sure if it still is.


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